West Virginia Banks & Routing Numbers

Banks in West Virginia

RoutingDB displays information about the routing numbers of banks in West Virginia. West Virginia has a total of 173 routing numbers assigned to banks in it's state.

Routing Numbers for banks in West Virginia

Routing Number Bank State City
251579102Wvu Employees Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaMorgantown
251983853Wv National Guard FcuWest VirginiaCharleston
251579678Wood County Community FcuWest VirginiaParkersburg
251579474Willow Island FcuWest VirginiaSt. Marys
051503909Williamstown Bank, Inc.West VirginiaWilliamstown
051504429Whitesville State BankWest VirginiaWhitesville
243485880Whetelco FcuWest VirginiaWheeling
051904634West Virginia State TreasurerWest VirginiaCharleston
251584197West Virginia Federal CuWest VirginiaSouth Charleston
251583839West Virginia Central FcuWest VirginiaParkersburg
051502159West Union BankWest VirginiaWest Union
083905135Wesbanco Bank WheelingWest VirginiaWheeling
242170316Wesbanco Bank WheelingWest VirginiaWheeling
283972094Wesbanco Bank WheelingWest VirginiaWheeling
043205079Wesbanco Bank WheelingWest VirginiaWheeling
043401637Wesbanco Bank WheelingWest VirginiaWheeling
043403282Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
044111188Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
044207283Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
051500562Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
051500753Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
051504542Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
051901705Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
242070885Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
242071897Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
242272816Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
243073632Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
243373222Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
283071827Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
283972560Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
042202219Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
043400036Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
043401190Wesbanco Bank IncWest VirginiaWheeling
251579377Wee FcuWest VirginiaParkersburg
251579908Waycose Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaHuntington
251583910Universal Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaHuntington
251578815United Hospital Center FcuWest VirginiaBridgeport
251579458Union Trades Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaParkersburg
043404443Union Bank IncWest VirginiaSistersville
051501778Union BankWest VirginiaSistersville
251579092Tri-ag(Wv) Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaMorgantown
243485699Tin Mill Empl FcuWest VirginiaWeirton
231387576The United FcuWest VirginiaMorgantown
251579089The United FcuWest VirginiaMorgantown
251984467The State Credit UnionWest VirginiaCharleston
051503145The Poca Valley BankWest VirginiaWalton
051501765The Pleasants County BankWest VirginiaSt.Marys
051502667The Grant County BankWest VirginiaPetersburg
052203046The Grant County BankWest VirginiaPetersburg
052201925The Bank of RomneyWest VirginiaRomney
251583486Telbec Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaBeckley
243485806Teamster Local 697 FcuWest VirginiaWheeling
051402958Summit Community BankWest VirginiaMoorefield
051500601Summit Community BankWest VirginiaMoorefield
052202225Summit Community BankWest VirginiaMoorefield
243485686Strip Steel Community FcuWest VirginiaWeirton
251584029Star Usa Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaCharleston
251983617Star Usa Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaCharleston
251983691Star Usa Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaCharleston
251584184South Charleston Employees FcuWest VirginiaSouth Charleston
252279414Romney FcuWest VirginiaRomney
251579403Ravenswood FcuWest VirginiaRavenswood
251583457Raleigh County FcuWest VirginiaBeckley
251579911Raleigh Co EducatorsWest VirginiaBeckley
051502858Putnam County BankWest VirginiaHurricane
251579830Preston Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaKingwood
051502748Premier Bank, Inc.West VirginiaMadison
051504568Premier Bank, Inc.West VirginiaHuntington
051504571Premier Bank, Inc.West VirginiaMadison
051504652Premier Bank, Inc.West VirginiaHuntington
054001314Premier Bank, Inc.West VirginiaMadison
051000127Premier Bank, Inc.West VirginiaMadison
051501558Premier Bank, Inc.West VirginiaMadison
051501846Premier Bank, Inc.West VirginiaHuntington
251584045Pioneer West Virginia FcuWest VirginiaCharleston
251584207Pioneer West Virginia FcuWest VirginiaCharleston
251983730Pioneer West Virginia FcuWest VirginiaCharleston
051504319Pioneer Community Bank, Inc.West VirginiaIaeger
051503213Pioneer Community BankWest VirginiaIaeger
251983811Peoples Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaNitro
051504254Pendleton Community Bank, Inc.West VirginiaFranklin
051504704Pendleton Community BankWest VirginiaFranklin
251584061Pace Federal CuWest VirginiaHuntington
251579319One Community Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaParkersburg
251584126Of Toalston Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaLogan
243485767O C P S FcuWest VirginiaWheeling
043487046Natrium Employees Federal CuWest VirginiaProctor
251583567National Employees FcuWest VirginiaBluefield
051504597Mvb Bank, Inc.West VirginiaFairmont
051504733Mvb BankWest VirginiaFairmont
051501671Mountain Valley Bank, N.A.West VirginiaElkins
251579254Mountain Heritage Federal C.U.West VirginiaParkersburg
251579050Morgantown Aes FcuWest VirginiaMorgantown
051503103Miners & Merchants BankWest VirginiaThomas
251584100Metro Community FcuWest VirginiaHuntington
251583538Mercer Co (Wv) Teachers FcuWest VirginiaBluefield
251983798Members Choice Wv Federal CuWest VirginiaCharleston
051501723Mcnb Bank And Trust CoWest VirginiaWelch
257079716Martinsburg V. A. Center FcuWest VirginiaKearneysville
243485631Marshall County FcuWest VirginiaMoundsville
251579694Marion County School Employees FcuWest VirginiaFairmont
043404647Main Street Bank CorpWest VirginiaWheeling
243486067Long Reach Empl FcuWest VirginiaSt Marys
051501024Logan B & T CompanyWest VirginiaLogan
251983756Kemba Charleston FcuWest VirginiaDunbar
057001971Jefferson Security BankWest VirginiaShepherdstown
251579238Ibew #968 FcuWest VirginiaParkersburg
251584032Ibew #317 F.C.UWest VirginiaHuntington
251584016Huntingtonized FcuWest VirginiaHuntington
251573234Huntington Federal Savings BankWest VirginiaHuntington
251584003Huntington C&o Railway Employees CuWest VirginiaHuntington
251578776Hope FcuWest VirginiaClarksburg
251578763Harrison County Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaNutter Fort
051502913Harrison County BankWest VirginiaLost Creek
243485660Hancock School Emplys. FcuWest VirginiaWeirton
243474273Hancock County Savings Bank, FsbWest VirginiaChester
051504377Freedom Bank, Inc.West VirginiaBelington
052201938Fnb Bank, Inc.West VirginiaRomney
051502528First State BankWest VirginiaBarboursville
051502476First Sentry Bank, Inc.West VirginiaHuntington
051502489First Sentry Bank, Inc.West VirginiaHuntington
051504607First Sentry Bank, Inc.West VirginiaHuntington
251583978First Priority Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaHuntington
051503556First Peoples Bank, IncWest VirginiaMullens
051503323First Neighborhood Bank, Inc.West VirginiaSpencer
051501257First Natl BankWest VirginiaWilliamson
051502175First National Bank West UnionWest VirginiaWest Union
051503051First Nat Bk of PeterstownWest VirginiaPeterstown
051501354First Exchange BankWest VirginiaMannington
243485673First Choice America Community FcuWest VirginiaWeirton
051904676First Bank of Charleston, Inc.West VirginiaCharleston
251584142Fayette Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaMount Hope
051502201Fayette County National BankWest VirginiaFayetteville
251578844Fairmont Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaFairmont
251984386Element Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaSouth Charleston
257078995Eastern Panhandle Federal CuWest VirginiaMartinsburg
051501134Davis Trust CompanyWest VirginiaElkins
251578705Cwv Tel Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaClarksburg
051501163Community Savings BankWest VirginiaParkersburg
052204359Cnb Bank, Inc.West VirginiaBerkeley Springs
052204728Cnb Bank, Inc.West VirginiaBerkeley Springs
051501875Clear Mountain BankWest VirginiaBruceton Mills
051502599Clear Mountain BankWest VirginiaBruceton Mills
051502641Clay County BankWest VirginiaClay
251578721Clarksburg Area Postal Employees FcuWest VirginiaClarksburg
051904524City National Bank of West VirginiaWest VirginiaCross Lanes
251473091City National Bank of West VirginiaWest VirginiaCross Lanes
251473758City National Bank of West VirginiaWest VirginiaCross Lanes
242170002City National BankWest VirginiaCross Lanes
051501451Citizens Bank of WestonWest VirginiaWeston
051501150Citizens Bank of West Virginia, Inc.West VirginiaElkins
251573182Citizens Bank of MorgantownWest VirginiaMorgantown
051580184Chhe FcuWest VirginiaHuntington
251983675Charleston Postal FcuWest VirginiaCharleston
251983662Charleston FcuWest VirginiaCharleston
251983633Cha-tel Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaCharleston
251579186Ccmh FcuWest VirginiaParkersburg
052203703Capon Valley BankWest VirginiaWardensville
251984409Camc Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaCharleston
051502421Calhoun County BankWest VirginiaGrantsville
251583936Cabway Telco Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaHuntington
051736158Bureau of The Public DebtWest VirginiaParkersburg
257078966Berkeley City Public Schools FcuWest VirginiaMartinsburg
051501325Bcbank, IncWest VirginiaPhilippi
243475829Bayer Heritage FcuWest VirginiaProctor
051503491Bank of Mount Hope, Inc.West VirginiaMount Hope
051502395Bank of MonroeWest VirginiaUnion
051501817Bank of MingoWest VirginiaWilliamson
057001418Bank of Charles TownWest VirginiaCharles Town
057004693Bank of Charles TownWest VirginiaCharles Town
251583907Appalachian Power Employees FcuWest VirginiaHuntington
251583868Alloy Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaAlloy
257079033167th Tfr Federal Credit UnionWest VirginiaMartinsburg

Where is the routing number on a check?

The routing number for is at the very bottom of a check. It can be located before or after the checking account number. The prints the routing number in the left corner, before it's account number. The routing number is the one next to a symbol that looks like a frowning face. The symbol brackets around the routing number, setting it out from other numbers on the same line.

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