South Dakota Banks & Routing Numbers

Banks in South Dakota

RoutingDB displays information about the routing numbers of banks in South Dakota. South Dakota has a total of 178 routing numbers assigned to banks in it's state.

Routing Numbers for banks in South Dakota

Routing Number Bank State City
091409500Winner Br-first Fidelity, BurkeSouth DakotaWinner
091404000Western Dakota BankSouth DakotaTimber Lake
091409526Western Dakota BankSouth DakotaIsabel
291479987Voyage Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291479877Voyage Federal Credit UinonSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291480044Vermillion Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaVermillion
091401922Valley Exchange BankSouth DakotaLennox
291480028United Methodist First Choice FcuSouth DakotaRapid City
091408909The Security State BankSouth DakotaEmery
031101169The Bancorp.ComSouth DakotaSioux Falls
114924742The Bancorp BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
091408394Sunrise Bank DakotaSouth DakotaOnida
091409351State Bank of Eagle ButteSouth DakotaEagle Butte
091407256Spencer Br-security St Bk AlexandriaSouth DakotaSpencer
291481548Sisseton-wahpeton Federal Credit UnSouth DakotaAgency Village
291480060Sioux Valley Coop Cr UnSouth DakotaWatertown
291479770Sioux Falls Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291479974Sioux Falls Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291479929Sioux Empire Federal CuSouth DakotaSioux Falls
091481793Sioux Empire Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291479806Sioux Empire Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291479220Simply Service Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaBelle Fourche
291480141Services Center FcuSouth DakotaYankton
291479903Service First Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291479291Sentinel Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaBox Elder
291479673Sentinel Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaBox Elder
091408695Security State BankSouth DakotaTyndall
091216612Security State BankSouth DakotaTyndall
091405229Security State BankSouth DakotaChancellor
091408161Security State BankSouth DakotaAlexandria
091409610Security Natl Bank of South DakotaSouth DakotaSioux Falls
104102354Security First BankSouth DakotaRapid City
104113819Security First BankSouth DakotaRapid City
104900200Security First BankSouth DakotaRapid City
291479699Rushmore Electric Federal Cr UnSouth DakotaRapid City
091403577Roberts County Natl Bk SissetonSouth DakotaSisseton
073903749Rivers Edge BankSouth DakotaMarion
091402947Rivers Edge BankSouth DakotaMarion
091403881Rivers Edge BankSouth DakotaMarion
091408527Rivers Edge BankSouth DakotaMarion
091404136Richland State BankSouth DakotaBruce
091408035Reliabank DakotaSouth DakotaEstelline
291479657Rapid City Medical FcuSouth DakotaRapid City
091401142Quoin Financial BankSouth DakotaMiller
091408679Plains Commerce BankSouth DakotaAberdeen
091400554Plains Commerce BankSouth DakotaAberdeen
091408763Pioneer Bank And TrustSouth DakotaSpearfish
091406820Peoples State BankSouth DakotaSummit
291479518Palace City FcuSouth DakotaMitchell
091401553One American BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291479563Oahe Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaPierre
291479301Northern Hills Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaSturgis
291479233Norstar Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaBritton
091408242Montrose Off-security Bk AlexandriaSouth DakotaMontrose
291479615Minuteman Community FcuSouth DakotaRapid City
124085244MetabankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
273070278MetabankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
273970116MetabankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291471024MetabankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
073972181MetabankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
084003997MetabankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
091402277Merchants State BankSouth DakotaFreeman
091402264Menno State BankSouth DakotaMenno
291479660Med5 Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaRapid City
291479424M-o Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaHuron
091408970Liberty National BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
091409005Leola Office Cortrust BankSouth DakotaLeola
091481780Lakota FcuSouth DakotaKyle
091408585Lake Norden Office-first Premier BkSouth DakotaSioux Falls
091408792Ipswich State BkSouth DakotaIpswich
291479372Huron Cnw FcuSouth DakotaHuron
291479385Huron Area Ed FcuSouth DakotaHuron
291479686Highmark Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaRapid City
091406260Heartland State BankSouth DakotaRedfield
291481496Healthcare Plus FcuSouth DakotaAberdeen
291479408Hb Telco Fed Cr UnSouth DakotaHuron
291471066Great Western Bank - MadisonSouth DakotaSioux Falls
073900975Great Western BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
073920845Great Western BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
091408734Great Western BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
104000702Great Western BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
107006004Great Western BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
122105252Great Western BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
273970365Great Western BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291471134Great Western BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
304971987Great Western BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
091401663Great Plains Bank, EurekaSouth DakotaEureka
291479835Good Samaritan Fed C USouth DakotaSioux Falls
091405452Gayville Br Cortrust BankSouth DakotaGayville
291479550Ft Randall FcuSouth DakotaPickstown
291471419First Western Federal Savings BankSouth DakotaRapid City
091403616First State Bank RoscoeSouth DakotaRoscoe
091405258First State BankSouth DakotaGroton
091406354First State BankSouth DakotaWarner
091407667First State BankSouth DakotaWilmot
091406833First Savings BankSouth DakotaBeresford
091471635First Savings BankSouth DakotaBeresford
122402052First Savings BankSouth DakotaBeresford
122402078First Savings BankSouth DakotaBeresford
122402081First Savings BankSouth DakotaBeresford
122402175First Savings BankSouth DakotaBeresford
091408598First Premier BankSouth DakotaSioux Falls
091400020First National Bank Sioux FallsSouth DakotaSioux Falls
091400525First National Bank PierreSouth DakotaPierre
091404369First National Bank In PhilipSouth DakotaPhilip
091403140First National BankSouth DakotaFrederick
091408200First Fidelity Bk GregorySouth DakotaGregory
091407764First Fidelity Bk Burke-platte OffSouth DakotaPlatte
091403548First Fidelity BankSouth DakotaMurdo
091403865First Fidelity BankSouth DakotaBurke
091408996First Fidelity BankSouth DakotaColome
091400486First Dakota National BankSouth DakotaYankton
091402578First Dakota National BankSouth DakotaYankton
291471011First Dakota National BankSouth DakotaYankton
291479783First Century Federal Cr UnSouth DakotaSioux Falls
091400606First Bank & TrustSouth DakotaBrookings
091408446First Bank & TrustSouth DakotaBrookings
091902706First Bank & TrustSouth DakotaBrookings
091913216First Bank & TrustSouth DakotaBrookings
091407191First American State BankSouth DakotaRamona
091408381First American State BankSouth DakotaOldham
091409296Farmers State BkSouth DakotaParkston
091407942Farmers State Bank HosmerSouth DakotaHosmer
091400758Farmers State BankSouth DakotaCanton
091407133Farmers State BankSouth DakotaTurton
091407793Farmers State BankSouth DakotaStickney
091408297Farmers State BankSouth DakotaParkston
091402015Farmers & Merchants St BkSouth DakotaPlankinton
091408174Farmers & Merchants St BkSouth DakotaScotland
104103081F& M Bank Atkinson OfficeSouth DakotaSioux Falls
291479453East River Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaMadison
091408462Dnb National BankSouth DakotaClear Lake
291479165Dakotaland Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaHuron
291479356Dakotaland Federal Cr UnSouth DakotaHuron
291479738Dakota Star Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaRapid City
091404356Dakota Prairie BankSouth DakotaFort Pierre
091408268Dakota Prairie BankSouth DakotaFt. Pierre
291479440Dakota Plains Federal CuSouth DakotaLemmon
291479602Dacotah FcuSouth DakotaRapid City
091400172Dacotah BankSouth DakotaAberdeen
291480015Coteau Valley Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaSisseton
091409128Cortrust Bank-yankton-tabor BranchSouth DakotaMitchell
091407803Cortrust Bank-webster OfficeSouth DakotaMitchell
091403807Cortrust Bank-pierpont OfficeSouth DakotaPierpont
091409513Cortrust Bank-letcher BranchSouth DakotaLetcher
091402280Cortrust Bank, N.A.South DakotaMitchell
091408640Cortrust Bank, N.A.South DakotaMitchell
091015143Cortrust Bank National AssociationSouth DakotaMitchell
091408899Cortrust Bank National AssociationSouth DakotaMitchell
096017382Cortrust Bank National AssociationSouth DakotaMitchell
091408705Cortrust Bank Bowdle OfficeSouth DakotaBowdle
091406930Cortrust BankSouth DakotaMitchell
091407751Cortrust BankSouth DakotaMount Vernon
291481441Consumers Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaGregory
091406972Community BankSouth DakotaAvon
091401647Commercial State BankSouth DakotaWagner
091401919Citizens State BankSouth DakotaArlington
031100908Citibank N.A.South DakotaSioux Falls
091408983Citibank N.A.South DakotaSioux Falls
091409380Campbell County Bank-pollock OfficeSouth DakotaPollock
091409018Campbell County Bank, Inc.South DakotaHerreid
091407052Bryant State BankSouth DakotaBryant
091408873Bonesteel Off-1st Fidelity Bk BurkeSouth DakotaBonesteel
291479592Black Hills Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaRapid City
091409733Black Hills Community BankSouth DakotaRapid City
091403836Bankwest, IncSouth DakotaPierre
091400538BankwestSouth DakotaPierre
091402552Bankstar FinancialSouth DakotaElkton
091408514Bankstar FinancialSouth DakotaElkton
291480073Avanti Federal Credit UnionSouth DakotaWatertown
091409458Andes State BankSouth DakotaLake Andes
091408239American Bank And TrustSouth DakotaWessington Springs
091405753American Bank And TrustSouth DakotaWessington Springs
091407175American Bank And TrustSouth DakotaWessington Springs
091407612American Bank And TrustSouth DakotaWessington Springs
291479178Aberdeen Federal CuSouth DakotaAberdeen
0914044661st Financial Bank UsaSouth DakotaDupree
0914097911st Financial Bank UsaSouth DakotaDupree

Where is the routing number on a check?

The routing number for is at the very bottom of a check. It can be located before or after the checking account number. The prints the routing number in the left corner, before it's account number. The routing number is the one next to a symbol that looks like a frowning face. The symbol brackets around the routing number, setting it out from other numbers on the same line.

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