Rhode Island Banks & Routing Numbers

Banks in Rhode Island

RoutingDB displays information about the routing numbers of banks in Rhode Island. Rhode Island has a total of 66 routing numbers assigned to banks in it's state.

Routing Numbers for banks in Rhode Island

Routing Number Bank State City
211573180Woodlawn FcuRhode IslandPawtucket
211573313Westerly Community CuRhode IslandWesterly
011592675Westerly Community Credit UnionRhode IslandWesterly
211590749Wave Federal Credit UnionRhode IslandWarwick
211590817Wave Federal Credit UnionRhode IslandWarwick
211573407Wave Federal Credit UnionRhode IslandWarwick
011500858Washington Trust CompanyRhode IslandWesterly
011501750The Washington Trust CompanyRhode IslandWesterly
211573151The Peoples Credit UnionRhode IslandMiddletown
211590150The Peoples Credit UnionRhode IslandMiddletown
011001726The First National Bank of IpswichRhode IslandLincoln
211590493Rhode Island Credit UnionRhode IslandProvidence
211590464Postal Government Employees FcuRhode IslandProvidence
211590257Postal Employees Regional F.C.U.Rhode IslandPawtucket
211590273Pawtucket Municipal Employees F.C.U.Rhode IslandPawtucket
211590260Pawtucket CuRhode IslandPawtucket
211573326Ocean State Credit UnionRhode IslandCoventry
211590655Navigant Credit UnionRhode IslandSmithfield
211573177Navigant Credit UnionRhode IslandSmithfield
211573290Navigant Credit UnionRhode IslandSmithfield
211589828Navigant Credit UnionRhode IslandSmithfield
211590192Navigant Credit UnionRhode IslandSmithfiled
211590383Navigant Credit UnionRhode IslandSmithfield
211590684Kent County Memorial Hospital EfcuRhode IslandWarwick
011501718Independence BankRhode IslandEast Greenwich
211574862Home Loan Investment Bank,F.S.B.Rhode IslandWarwick
211590671Greenwood Credit UnionRhode IslandWarwick
011304711First Ipswich BankRhode IslandLincoln
011307226First Ipswich BankRhode IslandLincoln
211589899Cranston Mun Empl CuRhode IslandCranston
211589996Community & Teachers FcuRhode IslandEast Providence
211590736Coastway Credit UnionRhode IslandWarwick
211573229Coastway Community BankRhode IslandWarwick
011500120Citizens Bank, National AssociationRhode IslandRiverside
011401533Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
021313103Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
072402076Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
211070175Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
211170114Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
211574613Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
221370030Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
222371054Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
236074619Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
241070417Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
271071321Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
011001331Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
011304517Citizens Bank N.A.Rhode IslandRiverside
231373069Citizens BankRhode IslandRiverside
031101143Citizens BankRhode IslandRiverside
036076150Citizens BankRhode IslandRiverside
011601443Citizens Access, Div. of Citizens BkRhode IslandRiverside
011500913Centreville BankRhode IslandWest Warwick
011307213Brookline BankRhode IslandLincoln
011375164Brookline BankRhode IslandLincoln
011375368Brookline BankRhode IslandLincoln
211371489Brookline BankRhode IslandLincoln
211372226Brookline BankRhode IslandLincoln
211373526Brookline BankRhode IslandLincoln
211590833Blackstone River FcuRhode IslandWoonsocket
211574642BanknewportRhode IslandMiddletown
011501682Bank Rhode IslandRhode IslandLincoln
011501763Bank Rhode IslandRhode IslandLincoln
044015831Avidia BankRhode IslandRiverside
211590176Alliance Blackstone FcuRhode IslandPawtucket
011807140Admirals BankRhode IslandProvidence
211574833Admirals BankRhode IslandProvidence

Where is the routing number on a check?

The routing number for is at the very bottom of a check. It can be located before or after the checking account number. The prints the routing number in the left corner, before it's account number. The routing number is the one next to a symbol that looks like a frowning face. The symbol brackets around the routing number, setting it out from other numbers on the same line.

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