North Dakota Banks & Routing Numbers

Banks in North Dakota

RoutingDB displays information about the routing numbers of banks in North Dakota. North Dakota has a total of 151 routing numbers assigned to banks in it's state.

Routing Numbers for banks in North Dakota

Routing Number Bank State City
091307149Western State BankNorth DakotaDevils Lake
122105582Western State BankNorth DakotaDevils Lake
291379142Western Cooperative Cr UnNorth DakotaWilliston
291378198Vue Community Credit UnionNorth DakotaBismarck
091311106VisionbankNorth DakotaFargo
291378648University Fed Cr UnNorth DakotaGrand Forks
091301640United Valley BankNorth DakotaCavalier
091307851United Community Bk of North DakotaNorth DakotaMinot
091310783United Community Bk of Nd MinotNorth DakotaMinot
091303046United Community Bk of Nd Drake OffNorth DakotaMinot
091310495Unison BankNorth DakotaJamestown
091310576Union State Bank of FargoNorth DakotaFargo
091302788Union State BankNorth DakotaHazen
091311135Union State BankNorth DakotaHazen
091311148Turtle Mountain State BankNorth DakotaBelcourt
291378871Town & Country Credit UnionNorth DakotaMinot
091310534The Union BankNorth DakotaHazen
091310741The Union BankNorth DakotaHazen
091301048The Goose River BankNorth DakotaMayville
091306823The First And Farmers BankNorth DakotaPortland
091310398The Bank of TiogaNorth DakotaTioga
091310990The Bank of TiogaNorth DakotaTioga
091311041Strasburg State BankNorth DakotaStrasburg
091303020Stock Growers BankNorth DakotaNapoleon
091301064State Bank of LakotaNorth DakotaLakota
091303871State Bank of BottineauNorth DakotaBottineau
091310916State Bank & Trust of KenmareNorth DakotaKenmare
075972202Starion BankNorth DakotaMandan
091302348Starion BankNorth DakotaMandan
091310767Starion BankNorth DakotaMandan
091302597Security State BankNorth DakotaWishek
091310673Security First Bank of NdNorth DakotaCenter
091310819Security First Bank of NdNorth DakotaCenter
091311096Security First Bank of NdNorth DakotaCenter
091301750Sargent County BankNorth DakotaForman
091306137Sargent County BankNorth DakotaForman
091302717Rolette State BankNorth DakotaRolette
291378583Riverfork Federal Cr UnNorth DakotaGrand Forks
091300353Ramsey National Bank .North DakotaDevils Lake
091311164Ramsey National Bank & TrustNorth DakotaDevils Lake
291378790Railway Credit UnionNorth DakotaMandan
291378169Railway Credit UnionNorth DakotaMandan
091302115Quality BankNorth DakotaPage
291378884Prairie Fed C UNorth DakotaMinot
291378376Postal Family Federal Credit UnionNorth DakotaFargo
091301899Peoples State BankNorth DakotaWesthope
091308805Peoples State BankNorth DakotaVelva
091311009Peoples State BankNorth DakotaFairmount
091310479Page Office, Quality BankNorth DakotaPage
291378554Northern Valley Federal CuNorth DakotaGrand Forks
291378774North Star Community Credit UnionNorth DakotaMaddock
291378826North Star Community Credit UnionNorth DakotaMaddock
291378868North Star Community Credit UnionNorth DakotaMaddock
291378839Minot Area Schools Federal CuNorth DakotaMinot
091300641Merchants BankNorth DakotaRugby
291378635Med Park C UNorth DakotaGrand Forks
091307275Mcintosh County BankNorth DakotaAshley
091303855Lincoln State BankNorth DakotaHankinson
091310974Liberty State BankNorth DakotaPowers Lake
291378758Lamoure Credit UnionNorth DakotaLamoure
091309736KodabankNorth DakotaDrayton
091310592Kirkwood Bank And Trust CompanyNorth DakotaBismarck
091306315Kindred State BankNorth DakotaKindred
091302762Horizon Financial BankNorth DakotaMunich
291378745Hometown Credit UnionNorth DakotaKulm
091310631Heartland State BankNorth DakotaEdgeley
091310369Harwood State BankNorth DakotaHarwood
091308300Grant County State BankNorth DakotaCarson
291378813Gem Federal Credit UnionNorth DakotaMinot
291370918Gate City BankNorth DakotaFargo
091302720Garrison State Bank And TrustNorth DakotaGarrison
291378460Freedom Community Credit UnionNorth DakotaFargo
291378512Flasher Community Credit UnionNorth DakotaFlasher
091017552First Western Bank & TrustNorth DakotaMinot
091310440First Western Bank & TrustNorth DakotaMinot
091301132First United BankNorth DakotaPark River
091303376First United BankNorth DakotaPark River
091300887First State Bk of CandoNorth DakotaCando
091305044First State Bank of North DakotaNorth DakotaArthur
091308164First State Bank of HarveyNorth DakotaHarvey
091308481First State Bank GolvaNorth DakotaGolva
091305329First State BankNorth DakotaBuxton
091309451First Security Bank-westNorth DakotaBeulah
091310699First Security Bank-westNorth DakotaRobinson
091304634First National Bank & Trust CoNorth DakotaBottineau
091305031First International Bank & TrustNorth DakotaWatford City
091311177First International Bank & TrustNorth DakotaWatford City
291378693First Community Credit UnionNorth DakotaJamestown
291378402Ffe Federal Cr UnNorth DakotaFargo
091310424Farmers Security BankNorth DakotaWashburn
091310602Farmers & Merchants St Bk LangdonNorth DakotaLangdon
091309846Farmers & Merchants Bank of NdNorth DakotaTolna
091310628Farmers & Merchants Bank of NdNorth DakotaTolna
291378392Fargo Va Federal CuNorth DakotaFargo
291378389Fargo Public Schools FcuNorth DakotaFargo
291378538Elm River Credit UnionNorth DakotaPage
091305280Dakota Western BankNorth DakotaBowman
291379126Dakota West Credit UnionNorth DakotaWatford City
291378334Dakota Telco Fed Cr UnionNorth DakotaFargo
291378295Dakota Plains Credit UnionNorth DakotaEdgeley
091302872Dakota Heritage Bank of North DakotaNorth DakotaHunter
091310482Dakota Heritage Bank of North DakotaNorth DakotaHunter
091303664Dakota Community Bank & Trust, N.A.North DakotaHebron
091300719Cornerstone BankNorth DakotaFargo
091308371Cornerstone BankNorth DakotaFargo
091310725Cornerstone BankNorth DakotaFargo
091310987Cornerstone BankNorth DakotaFargo
291378936Community Credit UnionNorth DakotaNew Rockford
091301815Commercial Bank of MottNorth DakotaMott
291378321City & County Employees CuNorth DakotaFargo
091303130Citizens State BkNorth DakotaPark River
091217226Citizens State Bank- MidwestNorth DakotaCavalier
091308795Citizens State Bank MohallNorth DakotaMohall
091310929Citizens State BankNorth DakotaFinley
091306645Citizens St Bk - MidwestNorth DakotaCavalier
291378266Citizens Community Credit UnionNorth DakotaDevils Lake
091302966Choice Financial GroupNorth DakotaFargo
091302979Choice Financial GroupNorth DakotaFargo
091209632Choice Financial GroupNorth DakotaFargo
091302160Choice Financial GroupNorth DakotaFargo
291378130Capital Credit UnionNorth DakotaBismarck
291378949Capital Credit UnionNorth DakotaBismarck
291381570Capital Credit UnionNorth DakotaBismarck
091310754Bnc National BankNorth DakotaBismarck
122105896Bnc National BankNorth DakotaLinton
091005807Bnc National BankNorth DakotaBismarck
091310521Bell BankNorth DakotaFargo
091310518Bank of Turtle LakeNorth DakotaTurtle Lake
091300285Bank of North DakotaNorth DakotaBismarck
091304032Bank of HazeltonNorth DakotaHazelton
091306108Bank of HamiltonNorth DakotaHamilton
091310961Bank of Glen UllinNorth DakotaGlen Ullin
091310864Bank ForwardNorth DakotaCooperstown
091301585Aspire FinancialNorth DakotaHatton
291378606Area Community Credit UnionNorth DakotaGrand Forks
091300515American State Bank & Trust CoNorth DakotaWilliston
291271004American Federal BankNorth DakotaFargo
091302034American Bank CenterNorth DakotaBismarck
091302607American Bank CenterNorth DakotaBismarck
091304650American Bank CenterNorth DakotaBismarck
091310437American Bank CenterNorth DakotaDickinson
091310550American Bank CenterNorth DakotaBismarck
091310615American Bank CenterNorth DakotaBismarck
091311151American Bank CenterNorth DakotaDickinson
092901544American Bank CenterNorth DakotaBismarck
091908700Alerus Financial, N.A.North DakotaGrand Forks
096016985Alerus Financial, N.A.North DakotaGrand Forks
091005836Alerus FinancialNorth DakotaGrand Forks
091300159Alerus FinancialNorth DakotaGrand Forks
291378897Affinity First Federal Credit UnionNorth DakotaMinot
0913107701st Natl BkNorth DakotaWilliston

Where is the routing number on a check?

The routing number for is at the very bottom of a check. It can be located before or after the checking account number. The prints the routing number in the left corner, before it's account number. The routing number is the one next to a symbol that looks like a frowning face. The symbol brackets around the routing number, setting it out from other numbers on the same line.

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