New Mexico Banks & Routing Numbers

Banks in New Mexico

RoutingDB displays information about the routing numbers of banks in New Mexico. New Mexico has a total of 93 routing numbers assigned to banks in it's state.

Routing Numbers for banks in New Mexico

Routing Number Bank State City
307084240Zia Credit UnionNew MexicoLos Alamos
312276470White Sands FcuNew MexicoLas Cruces
112206763Western Heritage BankNew MexicoLas Cruces
112202660Western Bank of ClovisNew MexicoClovis
112201988Western BankNew MexicoArtesia
112203038Western BankNew MexicoAlamogordo
112200824Western BankNew MexicoLordsburg
112203122Valley Bank of CommerceNew MexicoRoswell
307083652U.S. Eagle FcuNew MexicoAlbuquerque
312276111U-1st Community Federal Credit UnionNew MexicoCarlsbad
312270476Tucumcari Fed. S&lNew MexicoTucumcari
112200620The James Polk Stone Community BankNew MexicoPortales
312293505The Florist FcuNew MexicoRoswell
112206776The Bank of ClovisNew MexicoClovis
312276412Telco Roswell Nm FcuNew MexicoRoswell
307084431State Employees Credit UnionNew MexicoSanta Fe
307083872Southwest Federal Credit UnionNew MexicoAlbuquerque
107000372Southwest Capital BankNew MexicoLas Vegas
107089720Sandia Labs Fcu ( Secondary Rtn)New MexicoAlbuquerque
307083911Sandia Lab FcuNew MexicoAlbuquerque
307070047Sandia Area Federal Credit UnionNew MexicoAlbuquerque
312276409Roswell Community Federal Cr UnionNew MexicoRoswell
307083678Rio Grande Credit UnionNew MexicoAlbuquerque
307083843Rio Grande Credit UnionNew MexicoAlbuquerque
302284469Rincones Presbyterian Credit UnionNew MexicoChacon
302284281Questa Credit UnionNew MexicoQuesta
312270463Pioneer BankNew MexicoRoswell
312270010Otero FcuNew MexicoAlamogordo
307083665Nusenda Federal Credit UnionNew MexicoAlbuquerque
307087616Nusenda Federal Credit UnionNew MexicoAlbuquerque
307084415Northern New MexicoNew MexicoSanta Fe
107006253My BankNew MexicoBelen
107002723Main BankNew MexicoAlbuquerque
107006486Main BankNew MexicoAlbuquerque
307084237Los Alamos Schools Credit UnionNew MexicoLos Alamos
107001012Los Alamos National BankNew MexicoLos Alamos
312276030Loco Credit UnionNew MexicoAlamogordo
112201836Lea County State BankNew MexicoHobbs
307070050Kirtland Federal Credit UnionNew MexicoAlbuquerque
302284171Jemez Valley CuNew MexicoJemez Springs
312276140Internationalites Federal Credit UniNew MexicoCarlsbad
102106844International BankNew MexicoRaton
102200245International BankNew MexicoRaton
302283994High Desert Community Credit UnionNew MexicoAztec
307084347Guadalupe Credit UnNew MexicoSanta Fe
302284090Four Corners Federal CuNew MexicoKirtland
102104587Four Corners Community BankNew MexicoFarmington
102206728Four Corners Community BankNew MexicoFarmington
102207439Four Corners Community BankNew MexicoFarmington
312276247Fort Bayard Federal Credit UnionNew MexicoArenas Valley
102201040Fnb New MexicoNew MexicoClayton
112201959First State BankNew MexicoSocorro
112207335First New Mexico Bank, Las CrucesNew MexicoLas Cruces
112205340First New Mexico Bank of Silver CityNew MexicoSilver City
112202372First New Mexico BankNew MexicoDeming
107006677First National BankNew MexicoArtesia
112202123First National BankNew MexicoAlamogordo
112204286First National BankNew MexicoAlamogordo
307083694First Financial Credit UnionNew MexicoAlbuquerque
312276085First Financial Credit UnionNew MexicoAlbuquerque
112200439First American BankNew MexicoLas Cruces
112206459First American BankNew MexicoArtesia
312276108Financial Security Credit UnionNew MexicoCarlsbad
102201710Farmers & Stockmens BankNew MexicoClayton
312276454Everyones's FcuNew MexicoTucumcari
312276289Estacado Federal Credit UnionNew MexicoHobbs
312276331Estacado Federal Credit UnionNew MexicoHobbs
312276124Eddy FcuNew MexicoCarlsbad
307084211Del Norte Credit UnionNew MexicoSanta Fe
302284032Cuba Credit UnionNew MexicoCuba
107002008Community 1st Bank Las VegasNew MexicoLas Vegas
112201975Citizens Bk, Div. Citizens Bk ClaudeNew MexicoTucucmari
112201289Citizens Bank of Las CrucesNew MexicoLas Cruces
112207209Citizens Bank of Las CrucesNew MexicoLas Cruces
102202078Citizens Bank of FarmingtonNew MexicoFarmington
111308277Citizens BankNew MexicoTucumcari
112201218Citizens BankNew MexicoClovis
312276360Chaves County School Employee C UNew MexicoRoswell
107000466Century BankNew MexicoSanta Fe
107089843Century BankNew MexicoSante Fe
307072443Century BankNew MexicoSanta Fe
107001261Centinel Bank of TaosNew MexicoTaos
112201797Carlsbad National BankNew MexicoCarlsbad
312270023Cannon FcuNew MexicoClovis
307084004Belen Railway Employees Credit UnionNew MexicoBelen
312270324Bank'34New MexicoAlamogordo
112206297Bank of The SouthwestNew MexicoRoswell
102201930Bank of New MexicoNew MexicoGrants
107006732Bank of New MexicoNew MexicoGrants
122106251Bank '34New MexicoAlamogordo
312276072Artesia Credit UnionNew MexicoArtesia
302284058Animas Credit UnionNew MexicoFarmington
112206792American Heritage BankNew MexicoClovis

Where is the routing number on a check?

The routing number for is at the very bottom of a check. It can be located before or after the checking account number. The prints the routing number in the left corner, before it's account number. The routing number is the one next to a symbol that looks like a frowning face. The symbol brackets around the routing number, setting it out from other numbers on the same line.

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