New Jersey Banks & Routing Numbers

Banks in New Jersey

RoutingDB displays information about the routing numbers of banks in New Jersey. New Jersey has a total of 378 routing numbers assigned to banks in it's state.

Routing Numbers for banks in New Jersey

Routing Number Bank State City
226078230Xcel Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyBloomfield
221278938West Orange Municipal F.C.U.New JerseyWest Orange
221272125Wawel Savings Bank, SlaNew JerseyWallington
221275643Wakefern Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyElizabeth
021203682Valley Natl BankNew JerseyWayne
067013852Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021413728Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
067014987Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
026011358Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
067016354Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
026014041Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
221270318Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
026014368Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021201383Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
221270703Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
062201698Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021201600Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
221271090Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
063015838Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021204403Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
221271469Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
063114289Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021205253Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
221272565Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
063115437Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021206537Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021206566Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
063116177Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021206715Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
063116423Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021206993Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
066010351Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021207044Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
066013989Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021207235Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
067001699Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
067012811Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021207280Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
067012921Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021213339Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
067013836Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021401617Valley National BankNew JerseyWayne
021210057Unity BankNew JerseyClinton
221276011United Teletech Financial FcuNew JerseyTinton Falls
221278747United Teletech F.C.U.New JerseyTinton Falls
221270240United Roosevelt Savings BankNew JerseyCarteret
221277971United Poles Perth Amboy F.C.U.New JerseyPerth Amboy
221283402United Investors FcuNew JerseyLinden
221272329Union County Savings BankNew JerseyElizabeth
221277816Union Building Trades FcuNew JerseyParsippany
221275711Unilever Bestfoods FcuNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
021213465Two River Community BankNew JerseyTinton Falls
231278724Trenton Nj Police FcuNew JerseyMercerville
231278711Trenton Nj Firemen FcuNew JerseyTrenton
231278012Thunderbolt Area FcuNew JerseyMillville
021213216The Town BankNew JerseyTinton Falls
021205499The Provident BankNew JerseyJersey City
021214053The Provident BankNew JerseyJersey City
221271197The Provident BankNew JerseyWoodbridge
221271993The Provident BankNew JerseyJersey City
221272154The Provident BankNew JerseyJersey City
031201085The Pennsville Natl BkNew JerseyPennsville
031207940The Bank of PrincetonNew JerseyPrinceton
221278608Teaneck Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyTeaneck
021213591Synchrony BankNew JerseyMorristown
231271284Sturdy Savings BankNew JerseyCape May Court House
031276049Spencer Savings Bank, SlaNew JerseyElmwood Park
221271951Spencer Savings Bank, SlaNew JerseyElmwood Park
221278174Southern Middlesex Cty Teachers FcuNew JerseyEast Brunswick
236077755South Jersey Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyDeptford
221270211Somerset Savings Bank SlaNew JerseyBound Brook
031207678Shore Community BankNew JerseyToms River
221275533Seaport Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyElizabeth
221270677Schuyler Savings BankNew JerseyKearny
021214396Sb One BankNew JerseyFranklin
021206249Sb One BankNew JerseyNewton
021207196Sb One BankNew JerseyNewton
221278323Rutherford Postal Empl F.C.U.New JerseyLakewood
221276998Rutgers Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyNew Brunswick
221272439Rsi BankNew JerseyRahway
221271333Roselle Savings BankNew JerseyRoselle
221276697Riegel Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyMilford
231278122Research 1166 FcuNew JerseyPaulsboro
021214435Regal BankNew JerseyLivingston
021214574Regal BankNew JerseyLivingston
221278488Raritan Bay FcuNew JerseySayreville
221276956Public Service FcuNew JerseyMiddlesex
231288808Pse&g Nuclear Employees FcuNew JerseyHancocks Bridge
221272303Provident BankNew JerseyIselin
221277599Proponent Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyNutley
221276723Proponent FcuNew JerseyNutley
231278229Princeton Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyPrinceton
221278446Prime Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyRaritan
231278643Postal Empl CuNew JerseyTrenton
021283958Polish & Slavic Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyFairfield
226082022Polish & Slavic FcuNew JerseyFairfield
221278158Plainfield CuNew JerseyPlainfield
221274783Pinnacle Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyEdison
221279021Pinnacle Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyEdison
021283851Pinnacle FcuNew JerseyEdison
221275216Picatinny Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyDover
221283444Picatinny Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyDover
231277819Peoples Transport FcuNew JerseyMt Ephraim
021205237Peapack-gladstone BankNew JerseyBedminster
021214312Peapack-gladstone BankNew JerseyBedminster
221270266Peapack-gladstone BankNew JerseyBedminster
221276121Path FcuNew JerseyJersey City
221277748Passaic Postal Emp C.U.New JerseyPassaic
221277735Parlin Dupont Employees F.C.U.New JerseyParlin
031207814Parke BankNew JerseyCherry Hill
221270541Oritani BankNew JerseyTwp of Washington
221276257Ocnac No. 1. Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyJersey City
031206420Oceanfirst Bank, National AssociatioNew JerseyToms River
031207843Oceanfirst BankNew JerseyToms River
031276120Oceanfirst BankNew JerseyToms River
031918996Oceanfirst BankNew JerseyToms River
031919225Oceanfirst BankNew JerseyToms River
231270353Oceanfirst BankNew JerseyToms River
231270405Oceanfirst BankNew JerseyToms River
231270654Oceanfirst BankNew JerseyToms River
231271080Oceanfirst BankNew JerseyToms River
221270415Nve BankNew JerseyEnglewood
221278556Novartis F.C.U.New JerseyEast Hanover
221277764Nova Va FcuNew JerseyClifton
226071457Northfield BankNew JerseyWoodbridge
226072362Northfield BankNew JerseyWoodbridge
031207827Northfield BankNew JerseyWoodbridge
026001122Northern Trust Int'l Banking Corp.New JerseyJersey City
221275025North Jersey Federal C.U.New JerseyTotowa
221275821North Jersey Federal C.U.New JerseyTotowa
221277476North Jersey Federal C.U.New JerseyTotowa
231278627Njl & Ps Credit UnionNew JerseyTrenton
221275180Nj Gateway Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyMonmouth Jct
031205340Newfield National BankNew JerseyNewfield
221277337Newark Post Office Employee C.U.New JerseyNewark
221277324Newark Police Federal C.U.New JerseyNewark
221277308Newark Firemen FcuNew JerseyNewark
221277379Newark Board of Education Empl C.U.New JerseyNewark
021213371New Millennium BankNew JerseyNew Brunswick
231278054New Jersey Community FcuNew JerseyMoorestown
021214529New Jersey Community BankNew JerseyFreehold
221283428New Community F.C.U.New JerseyNewark
021283631New Brunswick Postal F.C.U.New JerseyNew Brunswick
221276244New Brunswick Postal F.C.U.New JerseyNew Brunswick
221276927New Brunswick Postal F.C.U.New JerseyNew Brunswick
021283738Nestle (Freehold) FcuNew JerseyFreehold,
221276480Motion Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyLinden
231271527Monroe Savings BankNew JerseyWilliamstown
221274521Monmouth County Postal Empl C.U.New JerseyRed Bank
231271006Millville S&l AsnNew JerseyMillville
221272044Millington BankNew JerseyMillington
221276901Middlesex County Nj Employees F.C.U.New JerseyNew Brunswick
221274916Mid State FcuNew JerseyCarteret
221272028Metuchen Savings BankNew JerseyMetuchen
221278213Merck Employees F.C.U.New JerseyRahway
026006790Merchants Bk of Ny,Div. of Valley NbNew JerseyWayne
231278575Mercer County Nj Teachers FcuNew JerseyHamilton Square
226077943Mcgraw Hill Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyEast Windsor
226078463Mcgraw Hill Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyEast Windsor
226081942Mcgraw Hill Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyEast Windsor
021213559Mariner's BankNew JerseyEdgewater
221276639Manville Area F.C.U.New JerseyManville
221272167Manasquan BankNew JerseyWall Township
221270910Magyar BankNew JerseyNew Brunswick
221275410M&c Menlo Park FcuNew JerseyIselin
221283347Lusitania Savings Bank,FsbNew JerseyNewark
221270680Lincoln 1st BankNew JerseyLincoln Park
221276118Liberty Svgs Fed C UNew JerseyJersey City
021203310Lakeland BankNew JerseyOak Ridge
021203792Lakeland BankNew JerseyOak Ridge
021205376Lakeland BankNew JerseyOak Ridge
021207057Lakeland BankNew JerseyOak Ridge
021213041Lakeland BankNew JerseyOak Ridge
021213232Lakeland BankNew JerseyOak Ridge
021213698Lakeland BankNew JerseyOakridge
031207979Lakeland BankNew JerseyOak Ridge
231277945Lakehurst Naval FcuNew JerseyLakehurst
031302133Lafayette Ambassador BankNew JerseyMantua
031302696Lafayette Ambassador BankNew JerseyMantua
031307688Lafayette Ambassador BankNew JerseyMantua
221274932L'oreal Usa Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyClark
021213054Kearny Federal Savings BankNew JerseyFairfield
021213180Kearny Federal Savings BankNew JerseyFairfield
226070173Kearny Federal Savings BankNew JerseyFairfield
221270651Kearny BankNew JerseyFairfield
231277411Jersey Shore Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyNorthfield
231277440Jersey Shore Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyNorthfield
221276176Jersey City Firemen F.C.U.New JerseyJersey City
221275177Jersey Central F C UNew JerseyCranford
221278035Irco Community FcuNew JerseyPhillipsburg
031207652Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hills
221270075Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hill
221271414Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hills
221272031Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hills
226072346Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hills
231270340Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hills
231271145Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hills
231271378Investors BankNew JerseyShiort Hills
021213449Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hills
021272794Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hills
026011701Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hills
026012166Investors BankNew JerseyShort Hills
031207908Interstate Net BankNew JerseyCherry Hill
021214066Indus American BankNew JerseyIselin
021283932Ila Local 1235 FcuNew JerseyNewark
226070128Hsbc Bank, UsaNew JerseyBuffalo
221273140Hoboken School Empl F.C.U.New JerseyHoboken
021283615Hmc (Nj) Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyFlemington
021213986Highlands State BankNew JerseyVernon
021214095Highlands State BankNew JerseyVernon
231288811Healthcare Employees FcuNew JerseyPrinceton
031289214Health Care of Nj FcuNew JerseyMt Holly
021213410Haven Savings BankNew JerseyGlen Rock
221271058Haven Savings BankNew JerseyGlen Rock
221273056Harrison Police & Firemen F.C.U.New JerseyHarrison
231278465Hamilton Horizon FcuNew JerseyHamilton
231270858Haddon Savings BankNew JerseyHaddon Heights
221278271H E Telephone Federal CuNew JerseyRochelle Park
221270525Gsl Savings BankNew JerseyGuttenberg
221275876Greater Alliance FcuNew JerseyParamus
021213313Grand Bank, Na.New JerseyHamilton
031207885Grand Bank, Na.New JerseyHamilton
021051384Gnma Wash I P&iNew JerseyEast Rutherford
236087680Global 1 Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyPennsauken
221271485Glen Rock Savings BankNew JerseyHawthorne
221271964Glen Rock Savings BankNew JerseyHawthorne
221270790Gibraltar Savings BankNew JerseyWhippany
231278083Garden State Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyMoorestown
231278041Garden State FcuNew JerseyMoorestown
221276781Garden Savings Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyParsippany
221276888Garden Savings Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyParsippany
221277133Garden Savings Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyParsippany
221278954Garden Savings Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyParsippany
221276503Gaf Linden Emp FcuNew JerseyWayne
031205081Fulton Bank of New JerseyNew JerseyMantua
031207636Fulton Bank of New JerseyNew JerseyMantua
031207649Fulton Bank of New JerseyNew JerseyMantua
021209990Fulton Bank of New JerseyNew JerseyMantua
021210044Fulton Bank of New JerseyNew JerseyMantua
221271948Freehold Savings BankNew JerseyFreehold
021214493Freedom BankNew JerseyMaywood
021051452Frb Gnma P&iNew JerseyEast Rutherford
231271239Franklin BankNew JerseyPilesgrove
231277864Fort Dix FcuNew JerseyFt Dix
231278119Fort Billings FcuNew JerseyPaulsboro
221276804First Point Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyHamilton
231278177First Point Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyHamilton
031203915First Natl BankNew JerseyElmer
221277777First Jersey Credit UnionNew JerseyWayne
021214749First Hope Bank, N.A.New JerseyColumbia
021204597First Hope BankNew JerseyColumbia
231278339First Financial FcuNew JerseyWall
021214082First Commerce BankNew JerseyLakewood
021214163First BankNew JerseyWilliamstown
031207924First BankNew JerseyHamilton
031207966First BankNew JerseyWilliamstown
031918831First BankNew JerseyHamilton
031919115First BankNew JerseyHamilton
221275779First Atlantic FcuNew JerseyEatontown
221276710Financial Resources FcuNew JerseyBridgewater
221278420Financial Resources FcuNew JerseyBridgewater
226077516Financial Resources FcuNew JerseyBridgewater
021001208Federal Reserve BankNew JerseyEast Rutherford
026009739Federal Home Loan Bank of N.Y.New JerseyJersey City
026014711Federal Home Loan Bank of N.Y.New JerseyJersey City
221277159Federal Employees Newark F.C.U.New JerseyNewark
221276613Fairleigh Dickinson Univ. FcuNew JerseyMadison
221276037Faa Eastern Region FcuNew JerseyClark
221274725Essex County Teachers FcuNew JerseyBloomfield
226077370Entertainment Industries F.C.U.New JerseyElizabeth
226078256Entertainment Industries F.C.U.New JerseyElizabeth
226082116Entertainment Industries F.C.U.New JerseyElizabeth
021213711Enterprise BankNew JerseyKenilworth
221275481Elizabeth, Nj Firemen's F.C.U.New JerseyElizabeth
056073573E*trade SecuritiesNew JerseyJersey City
256072691E Trade BankNew JerseyJersey City
221275326E Orange V A H FcuNew JerseyEast Orange
221283457Dow Jones Employees F.C.U.New JerseyPrinceton
021050466Disbursing Division - New YorkNew JerseyEast Rutherford
031100380Deutsche Bank Trust Company, DeNew JerseyJersey City
021001033Deutsche Bank Trust Co AmericasNew JerseyJersey City
231270777Delanco Federal Savings BankNew JerseyDelanco
231277822Deepwater IndustriesNew JerseyDeepwater
231278096Cumco FcuNew JerseyVineland
021210112Crown BankNew JerseyElizabeth
031207694Crown BankNew JerseyBrick
021214891Cross River BankNew JerseyTeaneck
021214273Cross River BankNew JerseyTeaneck
021214862Cross River BankNew JerseyTeaneck
231271501Crest Savings BankNew JerseyWildwood
231278203Credit Union of New JerseyNew JerseyEwing
231278614Credit Union of New JerseyNew JerseyEwing
221278307County Educators FcuNew JerseyRoselle Park
021053939Corporate GroupNew JerseyEast Rutherford
031207830Cornerstone BankNew JerseyMt. Laurel
021205648Connectone BankNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
021213300Connectone BankNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
021213892Connectone BankNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
021213944Connectone BankNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
021272749Connectone BankNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
221272578Connectone BankNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
221275494Community Financial Services FcuNew JerseyRoselle
221276545Community Financial Services FcuNew JerseyRoselle
221271935Columbia BankNew JerseyFair Lawn
221270282Clifton Savings Bank, SlaNew JerseyClifton
221274958Clifton Nj Postal Employees F.C.U.New JerseyClifton
021214875City National Bank of New JerseyNew JerseyNewark
021201639City National Bank of N.J.New JerseyNewark
022310422Citibank-new York StateNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
122231935Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
226070238Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
271071402Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
321170282Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
321170444Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
322070019Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
322270055Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
322270262Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
322271096Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
322271779Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
122217056Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
122220849Citibank WestNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
111901962Citibank Texas, National AssociationNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
111909867Citibank Texas, National AssociationNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
111915686Citibank Texas, National AssociationNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
113102329Citibank Texas, National AssociationNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
311972652Citibank Texas, National AssociationNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
021308176Citibank NysNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
026009645Citibank N.A.New JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
026011882Citibank N.A.New JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
028001489Citibank N.A.New JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
052002166Citibank N.A.New JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
271970066Citibank F S BNew JerseyEnglewood Cliff
271971777Citibank A Fed Sav BkNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
022309239Citibank - New York StateNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
254070116CitibankNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
231270366Century Savings BankNew JerseyBridgeton
221278129Central Jersey Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyWoodbridge
231271365Cenlar FsbNew JerseyTrenton
031207937Capital Bank of New JerseyNew JerseyHammonton
236077658Campbell Empl F C UNew JerseyCherry Hill
236077629Camden Firemen's Credit UnionNew JerseyMoorestown
021206948Brunswick Bk & Tr. Co.New JerseyNew Brunswick
026004802Brown Brothers HarrimanNew JerseyJersey City
231277518Bridgeton Onized FcuNew JerseyVineland
221271359Boiling Springs Savings BankNew JerseyRutherford
221270198Bogota Savings BankNew JerseyTeaneck
026008756Bessemer Trust Co. N.A.New JerseyWoodbridge
021213481Bcb Community BankNew JerseyBayonne
021213520Bcb Community BankNew JerseyBayonne
021283929Bayonne Hospital Employees FcuNew JerseyBayonne
221270114Bayonne Community BankNew JerseyBayonne
231278821Bay Atlantic FcuNew JerseyVineland
221283091Bard Employees F.C.U.New JerseyMurray Hill
021214189Bank of New JerseyNew JerseyFort Lee
026005652Banco De Chile-n.Y. BranchNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
066014085Banco De ChileNew JerseyEnglewood Cliffs
221277997Baker Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyPhillipsburg
221277007B-m S Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyNew Brunswick
231270256Audubon Savings BankNew JerseyAudubon
021206582Atlantic Stewardship BankNew JerseyMidland Pk
021283770Atlantic Health FcuNew JerseySummit
221276370Atlantic Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyKenilworth
231277424Atlantic City Electric Empl FcuNew JerseyMays Landing
226076083Aspire Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyClark
021204416Amboy BankNew JerseyOld Bridge
021206278Amboy BankNew JerseyOld Bridge
226077613Affintiy FcuNew JerseyBasking Ridge
021283547Affinity Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyBasking Ridge
021283767Affinity Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyBasking Ridge
221283512Affinity Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyBasking Ridge
221276817Advanced Financial FcuNew JerseyNew Providence
231278274Abco Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyWilliingboro
0312048041st Natl BkNew JerseyAbsecon
0212071541st Constitution BankNew JerseyCranbury
0212135041st Constitution BankNew JerseyCranbury
0312078691st Colonial National BankNew JerseyCherry Hill
0212839161st Bergen Federal Credit UnionNew JerseyHackensack
2312712421st Bank of Sea Isle CityNew JerseySea Isle City

Where is the routing number on a check?

The routing number for is at the very bottom of a check. It can be located before or after the checking account number. The prints the routing number in the left corner, before it's account number. The routing number is the one next to a symbol that looks like a frowning face. The symbol brackets around the routing number, setting it out from other numbers on the same line.

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