Hawaii Banks & Routing Numbers

Banks in Hawaii

RoutingDB displays information about the routing numbers of banks in Hawaii. Hawaii has a total of 86 routing numbers assigned to banks in it's state.

Routing Numbers for banks in Hawaii

Routing Number Bank State City
321380315Windward Community FcuHawaiiKailua
321380085Wailuku Federal Credit UnionHawaiiKahului
321380043Waialua Federal Credit UnionHawaiiWaialua
321379708Valley Isle Community FcuHawaiiKahului
321379313University of Hawaii FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379656University of Hawaii FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379630Times Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321370707Territorial Savings BankHawaiiHonolulu
321379588St. Francis Medical Center FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321380027Schofield FcuHawaiiSchofield Bks
321381644Plumbers & Fitters Local 675 FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321371528Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit UnionHawaiiWaipahu
321380328Pearl Hawaii Federal Credit UnionHawaiiWaipahu
321379397Ots Employees Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321379999Onomea Federal Credit UnionHawaiiPapaikou
121302360Ohana Pacific BankHawaiiHonolulu
321379436Oahu Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321379685Molokai Community FcuHawaiiKaunakakai
321379795Molokai Community FcuHawaiiKaunakakai
321379355Mccabe Hamilton & Renny FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321378592Mc Bryde FcuHawaiiEleele
321379737Maui Teachers Federal Credit UnionHawaiiWailuku
321379724Maui Federal Credit UnionHawaiiKahului
321379876Maui County Federal Credit UnionHawaiiWailuku
321380072Maui County EfcuHawaiiWailuku
321379339Local Union 1186 Ibew FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379863Lahaina FcuHawaiiLahaina
321380098Kulia Ohana Federal Credit UnionHawaiiWailuku
321379847Kula Community FcuHawaiiKahului
321379290Kuakini Medical Center FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379821Kekaha FcuHawaiiKekaha
321379928Kauai Teachers FcuHawaiiLihue
321379915Kauai Government EfcuHawaiiLihue
321379261Kamehameha Federal Cr UnHawaiiHonolulu
321379711Kahului Federal Credit UnionHawaiiKahului
321379698Kahuku FcuHawaiiKahuku
321378741Hotel And Travel Industry FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379151Honolulu Fire Dept FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379164Honolulu Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321379122Honea Federal Credit UnionHawaiiFt Shafter
321379119Hmsa Employees Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321379106Hickam Federal CuHawaiiPearl City
321379805Hfs Federal Credit Union (Puna Fcu)HawaiiHilo
321378660Hfs Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHilo
321378738Hfs Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHilo
321378673Helco Fed CuHawaiiHilo
321379410Hawaiiusa Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321378958Hawaiian Tel FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379070Hawaiian Tel FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379067Hawaiian Electric EfcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379041Hawaii State Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321380014Hawaii State Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321379449Hawaii Schools FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379546Hawaii Pacific FcuHawaiiHonolulu
121301772Hawaii National BankHawaiiHonolulu
321379180Hawaii Law Enforcement FcuHawaiiHonolulu
321379753Hawaii First Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHilo
321379012Hawaii Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321379083Hawaii Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321378657Hawaii County Employees FcuHawaiiHilo
321379818Hawaii Community FcuHawaiiKailua Kona
321378990Hawaii Central Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321379504Hawaii Central Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321380001Hamakua Coast Community FcuHawaiiPepeekeo
321379902Gather Federal Credit UnionHawaiiLihue
321379834Garden Island Federal Credit UnionHawaiiKoloa
321379931Garden Island Federal Credit UnionHawaiiLihue
121403065First Hawaiian Bank SaipanHawaiiHonolulu
121405238First Hawaiian Bank GuamHawaiiHonolulu
121301015First Hawaiian BankHawaiiHonolulu
321381233Finance Factors, Ltd.HawaiiHonolulu
321378602Ewa Federal Credit UnionHawaiiEwa Beach
321378709Cu Hawaii Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHilo
321379944Cu Hawaii Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHilo
121301578Central Pacific BankHawaiiHonolulu
321378644Big Island Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHilo
121302247Bank of The Orient (Bk of Honolulu)HawaiiHonolulu
121302373Bank of The FsmHawaiiHonolulu
121302292Bank of Hawaii TrustHawaiiHonolulu
121405018Bank of Hawaii GuamHawaiiHonolulu
121404006Bank of Hawaii American SamoaHawaiiHonolulu
121301028Bank of HawaiiHawaiiHonolulu
121301057American Savings Bank FsbHawaiiHonolulu
321370765American Savings Bank FsbHawaiiHonolulu
321379025Aloha Pacific Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu
321379148Aloha Pacific Federal Credit UnionHawaiiHonolulu

Where is the routing number on a check?

The routing number for is at the very bottom of a check. It can be located before or after the checking account number. The prints the routing number in the left corner, before it's account number. The routing number is the one next to a symbol that looks like a frowning face. The symbol brackets around the routing number, setting it out from other numbers on the same line.

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